About us

About us


About Us

TEQSYS LTD was established on 2022. Our registration number is '14310546' and VAT number is 'GB 424530130'. TEQSYS LTD started with the aim of providing customers with high-quality mobile accessories and exceptional customer service.
Tekkys is the leading and vibrant wholesale supplier in the online B2B sector, offering a wide range of products. We've gone a long way from the commencement of Tekkys.
Tekkys is a wholly owned subsidiary of Tekkys telesales and the finest source to get all of your replacement components. We at Tekkys have always had your back, whether you are a little businessman, a large corporation, or an everyday citizen looking for replacement parts or any electronic device or accessory. Our services are available to consumers throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, and the rest of the world.
Our strategy is built on lowering smartphone E-waste in order to save the environment. To ensure that all working parts are utilized rather than thrown and wasted, our smartphones are replaced by utilizing parts from BER devices.
Our business started as a trade center that supplied high-end and dependable spare parts to mobile phone repair shops.
Our company's mission is to provide the UK market with the highest-quality, pristine flagships at the most competitive prices and with the most convenient payment methods. We are constantly keen to provide our customers with the newest products available on the market, swift delivery, and cost-effective competitive prices.

How can Tekkys help?

If you're a business owner looking for refurbished phones, accessories, and bulk lots to stock up on and enhance your profits, we're the one-stop shop for all your needs.

What We Deal in?

Tekkys is proud of its extensive inventory of replacement components for all mobile and handheld devices. We can supply you with whatever you need, from new screens to mobile repair components to household gadgets and accessories.
In the online B2B market, we are the number one wholesale seller of replacement components. But that's not all; you can also buy the necessary accessories and devices to make your lives easier.

Why Us?

There are numerous wholesale providers in the online B2B market where you can get all of the replacement parts and other accessories, but none of our competitors can match the quality and rates we offer.

Best Quality:

Finding genuine and high-quality products is a difficult task. There are many fake and counterfeit parts on the market that appear to be identical but never deliver the same results. These parts are far less expensive than the genuine article, however it is never worth it to save a few dollars by purchasing counterfeit parts. We only sell original and genuine parts that you can trust even if you close your eyes.