Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have inquiries regarding buying a phone? We're delighted to respond!

● The checkout page will display your order details before you can go to the payment information.
● When the order is complete, you can view the details in the order confirmation email that Tekkys sent.

• Go to the "My Account" area to view all orders filtered by date. Click on the most recent order to view its specifics and track its progress.

• Orders for refurbished phones may be cancelled if they haven't yet shipped.

• For a period of 12 months, our warranty covers manufacturing flaws in refurbished phones and accessories.
• Under this warranty, damaged phones are restored and replaced for free, and damaged accessories are replaced with brand-new ones.

• The 30-day return policy of Tekkys states that the refurbished phone and its accessories must be enclosed in the returned package and not be damaged. If any products are damaged or missing, your request for a return won't be accepted.

Refunds are issued using the original payment method once we have received the entire returned package:
- If you used PayPal to make your purchase, your reimbursements will be credited to your account immediately.
- If you used PayPal Credit or Klarna to make your purchase, the appropriate method will get your refund.
- If you used a bank account to make your purchase, refunds often show up on your bank statement in 3-5 business days.

● The address cannot be altered once the order has been placed. ● Before the order is shipped out, the delivery date can be modified. To reschedule your delivery, please contact our London office.

● The TEKKYS warranty offers free smartphone repairs. In one of the following situations, the warranty may be void: 1. Damage caused by carelessness or misuse. 2. The device was opened/repaired by someone who wasn't a Tekkys expert. 3. The device's 12-month warranty has expired.

• The phone is replaced with a brand-new gadget of the same brand and model if the Tekkys repair experts assess that the issue with the phone is irreversible.

● Our 12-month warranty applies to the new accessories. Any accessory that is defective is replaced with a fresh new one. *Accessories are not available for repair.

● There is no minimum order quantity to qualify for Tekkys’ wholesale pricing.

● The top glass layer of refurbished OEM screens is replaced only, with no alterations to the LCD components or functioning.

● A lifetime warranty is offered on all Tekkys mobile parts and replacements.
● Battery and accessory replacements are covered by a 12-month guarantee.

● No problem, you can specify which items you want to return, and Tekkys will give a refund for the value of those items once we get them.

● The warranty on Tekkys spare parts is valid for the life of the spare part. As a result, if one of the items in your order is defective, you do not have to return the entire order. The warranty can only be used to replace the faulty part.