Term & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Please carefully read the Tekkys Terms and Conditions prior to placing an order on our website.

This contract establishes the seller-buyer relationship between Tekkys and the customer. The rights and obligations of each party are outlined in the provisions of this contract. Customers can place orders for reconditioned devices under this contract, and Tekkys will deliver them within the shipping policy's stipulated time frame. After a consumer puts an order on the Tekkys platform, the order can be amended or changed only up to the moment of order confirmation with the help of Tekkys customer support. The order cannot be amended or updated once it has been verified. An email is sent by Tekkys to confirm the order. This email just serves as a receipt and confirmation that Tekkys has received your order. The contract between Tekkys and the customer does not commence with the first confirmation email. When Tekkys sends the customer the final confirmation email, a legal agreement is created between the two parties (Tekkys as the first party and the client/buyer as the second party). The last confirmation email will notify you that your item has been dispatched, as well as the courier who will be responsible for shipment and delivery and the order tracking number. Tekkys reserves the right to cancel an order in part or in whole without providing a reason for the cancellation. If there is an issue with the order that necessitates adjustments, or if Tekkys denies or cancels the order, the customer will be notified through email. According to the Tekkys return policy, if the customer wants to change the order or a portion of it after the Tekkys change point, which is the final confirmation email, they should return the order as soon as possible and place a new order with the necessary adjustments included. If a customer has any problems placing a purchase or trying to track an order that has already been placed, Tekkys customer service representatives will assist all customers who contact us using the email or phone number indicated on the Tekkys Contact page.

The prices of all in-stock Tekkys items are clearly posted on each product page on the website. Based on current market conditions, Tekkys retains the right to modify this pricing at any time. Customers can review product prices on the Tekkys website and the exact prices they will pay for their orders in the order confirmation email. On the checkout page, shipping information such as the cost of shipment and delivery, as well as the expected delivery date, are presented. The cost of shipping and delivery varies based on the shipping service selected by the customer. The website's content is regularly updated by the Tekkys team. However, human error cannot be completely removed, thus there is potential for error. Before shipping the order, a member of the Tekkys staff will get in touch with the customer to clarify any inaccurate information regarding the product's pricing, description, or image and make sure the customer agrees to the new information (s). Incorrect product information on the website will prevent Tekkys from processing any orders. Depending on the customer's payment option, the order processing and sending stage starts after full payment has been received by Tekkys within 24 hours. Except for public holidays, this 24-hour regulation applies to orders with payments handled Monday through Friday. If there is a delay in shipping any order, Tekkys will let the customer know since certain products take longer than 24 hours to ship. Orders placed on a holiday or over the weekend will be processed on working days.

Tekkys offers a variety of shipping services, each with a different price range based on the courier's fee. In order to deliver the product to the consumer in hand via a tracked shipping service, Tekkys requires a detailed address from the customer. Please keep in mind that the delivery date and time will be determined by the courier selected by the customer when placing the order. Orders are normally delivered on time by TEKKYS’ courier, although we do allow for errors and delays in some circumstances where delays are inevitable.
3.1. Failed Delivery Attempts
Because the courier is in charge of the majority of deliveries, failed deliveries are also handled by the courier and treated according to courier rules. Some couriers leave a letter in the mailbox, often known as a "calling card," informing the customer that the courier attempted to deliver but was unable to reach or locate the customer. If a customer receives a calling card, the consumer should phone the number on the card to contact the courier and arrange for a new delivery date and/or time. If the customer does not utilize the "Calling card," the courier will automatically reschedule the delivery for the next business day. If a customer does not receive a calling card and does not receive a rescheduled delivery from the courier by default, it is the customer's responsibility to track their order and contact the courier to plan a delivery date/time. Tekkys’ last confirmation email includes an order tracking number, which can be used to look for the package on the courier's official website. If the client is unable to contact or deal with the parcel tracking number, please utilize the contact information provided to contact either the courier you selected for your order or Tekkys’ as soon as possible.
3.2. Loss of The Package or Products
Tekkys adheres to the deadlines imposed by delivery companies for lost packages. This means that a shipment cannot be considered lost until the courier has set a deadline. Tekkys lodges a claim with the shipping provider after a shipment is reported lost. Because Tekkys adheres to the courier's deadline for filing lost package claims, our expectations, and hence the customer's, for the courier's reaction to the lost package claim are set by the courier. For additional information on this subject, the customer can go to the courier's website and read about the "Lost Package" in the appropriate part. The following are examples of what a courier might say in response to a lost shipment claim: 1. The package is in the hands of the courier, who will deliver it to the address provided by the customer on the order form. 2. The parcel is officially declared lost by the courier. If the delivery is deemed missing by the courier in the second situation, Tekkys will notify the customer and file the necessary claim with the shipping company's insurance provider. With this claim, Tekkys begins the process of obtaining the sum owed as insurance for the customer's package. According to the courier's policy, the payment amount will be determined.
3.3. Receipt of Damages Package
If the packing shows symptoms of damage when the customer gets an order from Tekkys, we recommend refusing to accept the shipment and having it returned to the sending source. If the client discovers that the parcel or outer packing is undamaged but that an item in the order (one or more products) is damaged, the customer should contact Tekkys as soon as possible through phone or email to tell the firm of the problem within two days of receiving the order. If Tekkys receives information about damaged products after two days from delivery, Tekkys will not be accountable or liable for the damage.

The pleasure of our customers with their orders placed on our website is Tekkys' top priority. However, there are times when a consumer is dissatisfied with an order for a variety of reasons. In such instances, Tekkys honors the customer's right to cancel the order and receive a refund when it is returned. Our return policy at Tekkys offers our clients the security they require when making purchases from us online. All returned orders that meet the criteria outlined in the following sections will be fully refunded. Products can be returned within 30 days of purchase, according to distance selling restrictions that apply to all purchases made on the Tekkys platform, and all returned orders are completely repaid in that instance. For the return to be accepted by Tekkys, the customer must provide the order number or another form of identification as evidence of the purchase of the product(s) they wish to return. The final requirement in the Tekkys’ return policy is that all returned items must be in "like-new" or perfect condition in order for Tekkys to accept the return and issue a refund. In order for the return to be accepted and the refund to be applied to the order, Tekkys must validate the proof of purchase provided by the consumer. The customer's statutory rights are unaffected by this change. According to the terms of this return policy, Tekkys advises customers to maintain their products safe and undamaged during the return time so that they can be returned if necessary. We also request that the returned products be in the original packaging provided by Tekkys, as well as any accessories that came with the unit. If a customer desires to return an order or products, please contact Tekkys’ Customer Care to set up and begin the return procedure so that a refund can be granted as soon as possible. Customers' rights are reserved and applied in accordance with the "Return under Warranty" policies if any faulty or damaged products are included in the order. Tekkys is in charge of supplying products that do not infringe on the rights of customers. The legal rights of the customer are unaffected by this policy.

4.1. Return Policy
Within a fair time frame, customers who find a product to be flawed can return it to our business for repair, replacement, or even a refund. The regular 30-day return term, which is guaranteed by the Distance Selling Regulations, is neither affected nor included by this policy. If products are found to be defective during the Tekkys warranty period, customers may return them for repair. To arrange the shipment method and return dates for a device under the terms of the Tekkys warranty, the customer must call or email our customer service department. Tekkys must disclose all shipping dates and details to the consumer. Please note that sending things to Tekkys without our permission will result in the return being rejected. Unauthorized returns are not the responsibility of Tekkys. Returning items that were not purchased from Tekkys will result in the destruction of these items/products.
4.2. Returning Faulty Products after 30 Days
While Tekkys makes every attempt to give the greatest high-end items to our consumers, faults do arise. We are sorry to hear that any of our customers are having problems with products acquired from our company. The client has the right to a healthy gadget that functions as well as new under the 30-day return policy. The consumer has the right to return the device if it is proven to be defective within 30 days. If the product is proven to be defective after the 30-day period has expired, Tekkys will still fix it for free and replace it under our warranty. If a device is not fixed after three or more repairs for the same issue, it is replaced under warranty. If the customer's malfunctioning device cannot be replaced with a device of the same brand and model, Tekkys will refund the customer the amount paid at the time of purchase. All devices being returned to Tekkys for repair must be unlocked and free of any security barriers or software that may obstruct our repair technicians' work. Tekkys is not liable for any data loss that occurs as a result of device repair. Please back up your data before submitting your smartphone to Tekkys for repair. The following components must be present in the returned package for your product return procedure to be valid: 1. The original parts of the gadget. 2. All extras are included. 3. The original Tekkys box. The Tekkys Customer Service team will handle all returned gadgets and goods. When a customer's refund request is approved, Tekkys requires that the returned items be in as-new condition in order for the refund to be processed. Before the return process, this will be agreed upon. Customers who wish to return merchandise or orders should contact our customer service staff at info@tekkys.co.uk If a customer returns a product or order without first obtaining permission from Tekkys, the customer will be charged if any of the following conditions apply: ● The device's default settings have been altered by the manufacturer. ● The seals or software of the manufacturer have been tampered with. ● Any personal data on the device, whether removable or not, is present. ● Unlocking the device requires a non-standard pin code. ● The software from the manufacturer has been altered or uninstalled. ● The gadget has faults that are not covered by the warranty. ● Seals on software have been breached.
4.3. Return Charges
Returns that are out of warranty for any reason may incur costs from Tekkys. It's possible that these fees are for the repair service. The cost of the repair service may differ in individual circumstances, thus the amount charged may differ depending on the cost necessary. Before fixing the item, tekkys will let the consumer know how much money is needed. Tekkys will notify the customer of the required payment before repairing the item. Before our experts may repair the gadget, the money must be made in full. If the customer refuses to pay the repair fee, Tekkys will charge the cost of shipping to return the device to the customer unaltered. The warranty policy of Tekkys is breached and voided by unauthorized repairs conducted by anybody other than Tekkys. The warranty policy of TEKKYS is breached and voided by unauthorized repairs conducted by anybody other than TEKKYS
4.4. Returned Products' Refunds
Products are returned to Tekkys for refunds within the 30-day return period, and the refund is finalized once Tekkys tests the returned item (s). Every effort is made by Tekkys to ensure that the reimbursement is received by the customer's account as quickly as feasible. The same payment method that customers used to place their order on our website is used to refund them.
4.5. Disclaimer Regarding Returning Products to TEKKYS
Until Tekkys conducts the required tests and inspections on the box and its contents after it is delivered to our location, the customer is responsible for the goods and package. Tekkys suggests to use a registered and insured postal service if a customer wants to return an item. Any losses, whether material or immaterial, that arise during the return process are not the responsibility of Tekkys. You will not be given a refund or compensation from Tekkys for these losses. Any product damage sustained during the transportation of the return shipment shall be the responsibility of the Customer/Sender. The client is in charge of submitting and pursuing all claim requirements in this case.

Tekkys has a highly effective and quick complaint mechanism to handle any issues that our customers may be experiencing. Exceptional products from the top suppliers on the market are guaranteed by our knowledgeable team members. All of our efforts are focused on making sure that the people who place orders on our website are happy and satisfied with their purchases. In order for us to address any concerns as soon as possible, kindly get in touch with our team.