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Do you intend to purchase the iPhone 13 or are you waiting for it to become available? What about these, if you have them? Tekkys going to tell you whether you should purchase an iPhone 13 right away or wait for the September introduction of the iPhone 14 series.
Let us explain why.

This blog is divided into two parts:

The first part will discuss why you should get an iPhone 13 right now and the second part will discuss why you should hold off until the iPhone 14 series is released before deciding whether to purchase it.
The first part is to buy the iPhone 13 right away if you're waiting for the touch ID to come back. My friends Tekkys have some bad news for you, however, and that is that touch ID isn't coming back. We've heard the rumors, had high hopes, and seen leaks, but sadly, with the release of IOS 15.4, where we got face ID to unlock while wearing a mask, touch ID is essentially dead now on iPhone. There is no touch ID on the power button or under the display on most iPhones. If you consider the iPhone SE3, this is a whole different situation, so stop holding out hope for touch ID, you people. If you're a fan of mini (small) iPhones, this is going to be the final year to buy one, so gentlemen, that's another reason you should buy the iPhone 13 right away. When will we see the iPhone mini since the 13 minis will be the last one and there won't be a 14 mini coming up apple sales with the mini-series have been somewhat disappointing because they haven't been sold as much and they have flaws like battery trouble? If you like a small phone then the mini this year is the last chance for you to buy the iPhone 13 right now if you have a damaged iPhone if you simply cannot wait till September, The iPhone 13 is available now, so if you can't wait, just go ahead and purchase one. We don't believe you have any other options at this moment.t. Next up is one more reason you should buy the iPhone 13 series or any one of the models if you get incredible sweet deals. 13 model procs are gonna go down and that will be a lovely deal so you should get your hand on very soon.

Now here are the things if you want a big change you should wait for the iPhone 14 series and here are the reasons why you should hold out for that one because some major changes are coming your way but then I gain only for the pro models then look the non-pro regular models will have changes as well but there won't be only major ones tiny improvements on your apple still does that but not still changes for the regular ones. The pro ones are going to have some massive redesign and the first one is the no-notch iPhone. IPhone14 pro models are rumored and almost certainly will not have a big niche like we currently have. They may have a hole punch cut out they may have a dual cutout for housing the face id sensor under the display but the notch is almost certainly going the way for good. One more reason you should wait for the iPhone 14 and not get the iPhone 13 right here is - if you want performance changes to look this one’s got a 5 chip but the iPhone 14 series is rumored to be expected to come with a 16 bionic and apple does some incredible chip things they take up a notch every year unintended but like I said no notch in the iPhone 14 series. Anyway coming back to the chip the performance upgrades are gonna be massive now year on year they, may not be as big as you want them to be. But if you're jumping ship from an older model say the iPhone 12 or the iPhone 11 then the A16 is gonna bring about massive changes for you so the performance improvements in A16 wait out for that one next up if you're just tired of having these 12 megapixels sensors on the iPhone 13s and every other iPhone since I can't remember when the iPhone 14 series is expected to come with a 48 megapixels camera sensor finally. Apple has finally given us an improved camera spec and a 48-megapixel camera would be a welcome boost for the iPhone camera capabilities. We know iPhone captures some great portraits and some great videos too but a major jump from 12 megapixels to 48 would be just massive and if you want that, just wait for iPhone 14. One more reason why you should hold out for the iPhone 14 series is - if you want a more durable iPhone, iPhone 13 has been a very durable series of devices but if you want even enhanced durability if you don't like the stainless steel chassis on the iPhone 13 pro series then the iPhone 14 series is going to have a titanium chassis which is not only more durable than stainless steel but also in OS liter stainless steel.

So, that is a win-win situation, right?

And one big reason why should wait for the iPhone 14 series is if you like big iPhones now like we mentioned the mini is going to away this year but what is replacing the mini is a max iPhone which means we are going to get an iPhone 14 max a non-pro big 6.7-inch iPhone. It’s going to have all the big phone features but the non-pro ones. So, if you don’t want to spend that much but still want that big phone experience then the iPhone max is coming in 2022.

So, that is you should either buy the iPhone 13 series right now or you should wait for the iPhone14 series.